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At Well Worth It! we offer the products we use in treatments to our clients. These products have been tested by us and are natural and free from chemicals. They are available to buy from Well Worth It!

Yoga Mats, Bricks and Belts

In Yoga we use props to allow the body to relax and open into a pose. Until we are able to proceed without props these products really help with our posture and alignment in class! Prices vary depending on specifications. We only sell products we have used and tested! Please contact us to order using the visit us page or by telephone or email. Please note demand is high at the minute so please be patient - practice yoga while you wait :)

Yoga Mats
Split on Blocks
Yoga Mat and Straps

Yoga DVDs and Videos

There is a surge in demand for yoga at home. We have a range of Yoga DVDs and videos from 30 minutes to one hour which you can purchase as well as self-care and stress management programmes. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs. Our customer service is based on a client profile and needs assessment. 

DVD image.jpeg

Forever (Aloe) Products and Tropic Products

We are stockists for Aloe Vera and Tropic Products. You can purchase through the links below or by contacting us directly!
For a full range of Aloe products, please visit
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